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Wisconsin Counties Solid Waste Management Association endeavors to promote camaraderie and a sense of pride in all its members and in the work they do.  The field of solid waste management and recycling has always been a complex and difficult area of work, demanding much from those who delve into it.  WCSWMA professional members, in particular, have a strong commitment to public service and the environment and are asked to give so much of themselves personally in their professional lives.  WCSWMA policy-maker members are constantly facing difficult decisions, balancing the environment with the needs of society.  WCSWMA hopes to offer assistance and encouragement to all.All Wisconsin Counties are members. 


No dues are required. 


Each County has two votes, one from the elected representatives and one from the professional representatives.  WCSWMA prides itself on the active participation and interaction from both its policy-maker members and its professional members.


Businesses and individuals may become members, subject to prior approval by the Executive Committee and dues of $50.00, and are then granted the same privileges as regular members, except businesses and individual members do not have voting rights. 

Regular Members

​​WCSWMA regular membership shall be limited to Wisconsin counties, municipalities, or tribes involved in solid waste or resource recovery management and policies. Other Wisconsin governmental agencies may be granted membership status if determined eligible through a majority vote by the Executive Committee.

​​A Student Member shall be any student who is enrolled in courses pertinent to the objectives of the Association and who has an interest in the objectives of the Association Student Members of the Association may attend regular Association meetings, special meetings, seminars, and other shows of the Association. There shall be no registration fee at seminars for student members, but there shall be a charge for meals consumed.  A Student Member shall have all of the rights and privileges of membership except for the right to vote or hold office.

Student Members

​​WCSWMA Associate membership, without voting rights, may be granted to any professionals, whose experience or position has given said professionals expertise in solid waste or resource recovery management that may benefit the Association if determined eligible through a majority vote by the Executive Committee.  A membership fee, if so determined by the Executive Committee, may be assessed upon the business or individual for Associate membership status.

Associate Members

​​Honorary Memberships may be bestowed on any person upon the unanimous recommendation of the Executive Committee.  An Honorary Member of the Association shall have all of the rights and privileges a regular membership. An Honorary Member shall be exempt from dues.  No more than one Honorary Membership shall be bestowed in any fiscal year.   

Honorary Members


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